What are views on YouTube and hold

Videos on YouTube and other video hosting sites are ranked in terms of not only views, comments and likes, and the average time that the user spent on the page with the video. More than the average amount of time that viewers devoted to showing videocontent, the more interesting the video. The priority of the search engines video with high retention compared to similar rollers.

Competing video sharing algorithms determine the text settings, description and keywords. Next YouTube allocates space in search results, and the higher the behavioral factor (views, time of views, likes and comments), the higher in the video search, the faster it will get to the TOP.

For more effective and rapid development of the novice channel, which because of its novelty does not yet have a large audience, and also buy youtube likes and views with retention. Let’s see what they are and why.

Views audience retention, as we have mentioned above, one of the main indicators for YouTube, indicating the use of published content. If the audience does not immediately turn off the video, watch it though not completely, but for the most part, the algorithms of the video will start to offer other people interested in similar content can see it. In the end, you not only get new views, you have the chance to put the video on the first position in search results.

What gives? You not only get new subscribers, your videos will automatically dial the live viewings, the audience will share their opinions, to mark, to leave comments. The net result is a snowball effect — the higher the video, the more users will become interested in your channel, the more users and higher behavioral factor (likes, comments), the more often the system displays your videos in the recommendations and again on the new.

What’s next? You will reach the goal, which came on the YouTube success and earnings from advertising. And this, of course, will give you the opportunity to allocate funds to create even better content and to promote the channel, which will further contribute to your growth as a blogger.